STARSkate On-Ice Priority Scenarios

Two skaters are going into flying camel spins at the same time at center ice. It looks like they are too close. What should they do? Stop skating to avoid a collision.

Two skaters are practicing jumps at the end of the ice and both skaters in a lesson. Their skating paths are going to cross. What should they do? Stop skating to avoid a collision. One coach and skater need to move to another location on the ice.

One skater is practicing a spin at the end of the ice, because this is where her spin occurs in her solo. A second skater is practicing a double lutz in the same end of the ice. This is where the jump occurs in her solo. As the second skater enters the jump, the other skater goes into the spin. Neither skater is in a lesson. What should happen? Skaters need to follow the rule that spins are practiced at center ice and jumps at the end of the ice.

A skater has put her name down to have her solo music played before she is ready to do her solo. Another skater is ready to do her solo but her music is second in the line-up. What should happen? Skaters put their names on the list only when they are ready and patiently wait their turn.

There are 10 minutes left of free skate. One skater who has had her music on 3 times in the session, has put her name in the list to play her music. There are 5 other skaters on the list after her. Some of these skaters have not had their music played yet. How many times should a skater’s solo music be played? It is important to share the sound equipment. Skaters must share access to the music. If a skater has played her music more than once, she should let others play their music at least once before repeating hers.

On the dance session, a skater is practicing a dance, not in a lesson, with the dance music. A second skater is practicing skills. A third skater is practicing another dance without music. Who has the priority? The skater with music has priority.

You are finished practicing a spin and find yourself standing in the middle of the rink. You notice another skater doing footwork coming toward you and you watch. What should you do? You should move to the boards as soon as your spin is finished. Standing idle at center ice may cause a collision.